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Hey everybody, what's up? :>

I just wanted to let you guys know that the Naturama project has returned to continue it's good cause in 2014 as well!


Buy yourself art and support various projects involved in animal rights, animal care and preservation.

As in the last years I will be offering a small commission for this project as well (a Badge and a custom key chain chibi, too) and I might be sponsoting another little token for the tombola, if I get chosen to do so.

I just wanted to raise awareness for this nifty "little" project. We are constantly looking for people who support our cause, as well as new artists to participate.

If you are interested to donate your work as an artist (or your funds), please contact the site staff! :D Every bit helps.

As for the little commissions I am offering for this: technically you could ask me for them right away, but due to reasons (explained later in this post) I probably won't be able to start working on them right away. You might have to wait for completion till April. If you're cool with that: Go ahead! :D

As for a general update: Art might be comming slow from now on till April. The reason being: mid terms! I am currently at my second run to become a digital media designer (the first attempt was stopped dead in its tracks, because my employer decided he couldn't afford my colleague and me anymore) and we will have our theoretical mid term on March 27th. I already started preparing for it, but with school and work at the same time it's a bit tough to get to a level were I feel really prepared for the exam. Xp

The topics announced for the test are... not great, but not awful either, I guess.

The mid terms are important for me, even if the grades don't actually "count" because they are an indicator of where I stand education wise and I need it to be graded good enough so I can shorten my education for half a year. If my boss plays along I can cut my time short by half a year which means my final exams would take place in December. If I can manage to do so this year will be one hell of preparing for this, crunching through all the new knowledge and keeping it in my head and heart. XD

On top of it all things might get really really nasty financially for me. I might be forced to accept (more) commissions to support myself with what I have planned to come by in the future. Things haven't been exactly peachy over the past two years. Some things have become better, others worse. I am at a point were my physical and mental health are at risk and I have to make a decision between breaking away from financial security or staying where I am and risking to get worse. But basically the decision has already been made and I will stick to it and fight my way through life, so I can continue making art and sharing it with all you awesome peeps out there! :D

My head and heart burst with world building stuff! Much of it I shy away from because I still lack the skills to depict it properly, by my soul is on fire!  *beams* I am gonna throw Bloodhounds at you at every chance that I got! *laughs* So thank you all so much for sticking by my side and supporting me and just being awesome in general! <3
jennystokes Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Professional General Artist
Very happy to donate some pics.
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Submitted on
March 1, 2014