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July 2, 2012
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Bloodi Epic Mount - Rozga by BloodhoundOmega Bloodi Epic Mount - Rozga by BloodhoundOmega
Finally finally the finished Bloodi Epic Mount for Rozga!

When they described to me what they wanted for this commission the little girl in my heart probably leaped up right under the roof! :D I was allowed to live out my absolute girlyness in this one, with all the pink I usually can't stand and ribbons and flowers and what not.

I was totally thinking "Lady Lovely Locks" when I drew this, trying to add a slightly pearlescent effect to make it a bit mor dreamy.... ^___^

Now I can go back to draw big brutish beasts again. XD *laughs*

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Okami2009 Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
So pretty! I love it!!
FloridianPirate Aug 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
oh my gosh that is so pretty! <3s it!
This pic is surely awesome *_*
I myself grew up with LLL along with other cartoons such as the old good classic MyLittlePony and the rest of cutesy cartoons that was around on the late 80's and 90's.
I actuly stumbled across this as I was looking for Lady Lovely lcoks art,and from the thumbnail I thought since it was among the art that has the keywords with LLL,
I thought it maybe was a re-render of Lady Lovely Locks' horse,Silkymane..or something,
but when I had a look,surely this is a beutifull creation!
I love the tender moment of that feline girl and her feline like horse.
I can kinda see Silkymane in that big mount a bit actuly,as thats probably the LLL's insperation must been brought into,I suspect :3
That alone is very nice and i think you did very well with the shading,colors,details - everything!
But if I wheren't searching for Lady Lovely locks and find this pic via that in the first place,LLL wouldn't be the first that spring to mind actuly,more a original fantasy beutifull thing :3

Also,Im realy amazied you do that with colorpencil as well *-*
(forgive me if I did happen to get my eyes on that answer on the comment asking about that XD)
It now get me to wonder,what color pencil brand could this be O.o

I myself use steadtler and thats good enough for me for the moment,but I heard castle faber and prisma colors are also good,wonder if it may happen to be any of them?
I apologise if I ask this.
The main intent of the picture was, as clichee it may sound, to come across "girly". To me that meant tenderness, affection, softness and maaany many ribbons and pastell colours. The first thing that sprung to my mind that combined all those aspects was LLL so I treid to lean on to it, without taking it over completely.

My pencil brand is indeed Faber Castell, but there are several kinds of pencils they produce. My weapon of choice are Polychromos (they're the rounded ones). They're costy for colour pencils, but so far I haven't found anything I can work with better, since Prisma Colours are a) not available in Germany and b) too soft for my way of drawing.

and no need to apologize at all! :)
Yeah I can see that,
Well associate with that is not a bad thning ^^
And you surely dud success in mix that but still not go all LLL ober it ;3

Oh I see,hmm I might have a look out for that one,alltought expensive,but nothing of quality usuly come for cheaper price anyway ^^'
Thanks a lot for leting me know :hug:

Oh and yes - prisma colors are not sold here either,
I have heard many using them,but I did read somewhere that Faber Castell is still the top notch one for not being easy breakable and such ^^

haha okay,well then,I thank you for taking your'e time and reply back :3 :thanks:
Feathered-Cat Jul 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
There didn't happen to be an episode with a dragon who lost her babies was there? There's this tv showed i watched when I was younger that all I can remember is a momma dragon cooing "Coooo, my -babies-" from years ago and the name of this show sounds familiar.
Just wanted to po in and say indeed - that is from Lady Lovely locks X3
I actuly have still the VHS tape of that very episode :3
It's about the yellow mother dragon Long curl,and her babies,sweetcurl,bouncycurl and merrycurl,if my memory serve me right with the babies names - and they where born from the dragon tree,wich the mother planted. so your'e right :3
but they don't look like anything like this of course,haha XD

-sorry if i come from no where - blush -
thought just if I could be bit helpful X3
Feathered-Cat Jul 10, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
THANK YOU! I haven't been able to figure out what that show was in YEARS, but that scene has been stuck in my head and the name Lady Lovely Locks sounded extremely familiar.
haha no prob,
Im glad I could help ^^

I could guerss so,that show surely is special :3
I just can't remember the episode name of it,
but it probably go by "Dragon Tree" or something,
but yes,it is from Lady lovely Locks indeed ^^
To be honest I never watched the show as such. I only was confronted with the merchendise. I was way to busy with He-Man, She-Ra and My little Pony at that time. XD
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